Friday, October 29, 2010

Spring Knitting Update

Put the buttons on the very pink Miette.  I love this little cardi, it's just right.  This yarn (Classic Elite Duchess) is very cosy and the weather is getting a bit warm for it, so I may just have to knit another in cotton.

Took a break from selfish knitting in the past couple of weeks.  Firstly a wee baby set for a friend's new wee girl.  Theses are two very special yarns - the creamy wool is the felted merino I dyed with lichen collected from the trees at M & B's cottage, and the trim is the last of Angie's "Lavender Garden" hand dyed wool.  The lichen gives the wool a lovely woodsy smell that doesn't seem to wash out, hopefully the recipient won't mind.  The patterns are Baby Bolero from One Skein, and Baby Socks from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  Think I might work my way through all the patterns in More LMKG ;-)

And secondly a vest for Ryan.  He chose the wool from the Wool Company when we went on a road trip to Field Days via Sarah Bean's house last year.  It's only taken me 16 months to get around to knitting it up!

The pattern is completely improvised, I figured I could knit a v neck vest in the round without a pattern, and it worked out pretty good, the fit is perfect.  I experimented with working the arm and neck trim as I went (I hate picking up stitches around armbands and v necks) and finishing them with a little crochet.  It worked ok, but I think picking up and knitting would have looked better.  There is usually a pretty good reason why things are done the way they are, huh?  (Hey Sharonnz, can you pick this cafe? They've expanded their play area recently, the shelves used to hold wine...) 

Next up: finishing my Happy Wanderer, a little black Audrey in Unst, possilby a lace weight project, and a test knit.....


  1. You've got me stumped! Love, love, love your Miette - SO cute!

  2. aww thank you, they're gorgeous!! the yarn is lovely & smooshy, the colour reminds me of caramel milkshake :) and no kidding, she happened to be wearing them right now, when i found this post!! xxx