Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not a house made of Lego, a Lego house.

Last night I watched James May's Toy Stories with the kids.  It was all about building a life size house out of Lego, Grand Designs with Lego - brilliant!  Here's a taste....(that gives away the unhappy ending).

James commented that he didn't want to build a house out of Lego, he wanted to build a Lego House.  Meaning finding a new architechural vernacular for building in Lego or somesuch (not his comment, me trying to be pointy headed).

R-almost-6 was inspired to build his own Lego House, not a house out of Lego you understand!

Can you spot the sink?  It has a big green tap.  The man and the boy have gone to bed with Lego blankets.

Here's the car parked in the garage.  And the star ship that transforms into a boat.

At one point in the TV show they ran out of Lego (as it always does in these "build" programmes.  It's usually the windows....  but I digress).  R leapt up exclaiming "they can use mine!" and ran from the room, returning with his box of Lego.  "I can send it to them!".  Bless. 

Sadly the Lego house is no more.  I haven't told R yet, but I'm sure he'd understand. 

That's the thing about Lego.


  1. Thanks for sharing that. My own Mr. 6yr old thought it was hilarious.

  2. I've seen a teaser of it on tv here, but not the whole show ;)
    And we love to play with lego here too :)