Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Knitting

This blog is really supposed to be my knitting blog, not my cute baby blog.  So here are some photos of my cute baby modelling knitting.  With Ravelry links if you want more details.

Here is Mr C in a newborn Puerperium cardigan.  It looked so tiny until I got it on him!

Back at home we tried on the very vintage baby vest.  Once again, so tiny in my hands, so big on a real new born!  And he wasn't a tiny newborn but a very average 7 and 1/2 pounds.  Proud big sister :-)

My very favourite baby knit - the Viyella Knitting Book Jumper Suit for Baby Boy.  I love this so much, lovely to knit and perfect on baby.

Here it is again at about 9 months.

My other favourite baby knit, Little Coffee Bean cardigan.  Sooooo cute, I improvised a little hat to match,

Turns out my hat was a newborn size, but the cardi not so much.  Nothing wrong with room to grow!

Gift Wrap Romper. Perfection!.  I had to whip up a hat to match.  Just the thing for keeping warm on the sidelines of Saturday morning football.  Improvised hats were my breast feeding knits of choice.

A test knit for Just Jussi, Linea.

OK, my other most favourite baby knit.  Garter Stitch Cardigan by Debbie Bliss.  Ciaran is still wearing this at 13 months.  Great excuse for a vintage button.

Sometimes Ciaran may have wondered what he did to deserve all this woolly goodness.  My Sailor's Rib Beanie pattern and a Young Einstein knitted by a friend.

My very first Milo!  Won't be my last I'm sure.

Pebble from Pippa's alpaca homespun yarn.

The very cool Baby Sophisticate.  A very quick knit this one.  Another goody for the vintage buttons, leather this time.

A Halloween vest.  I got the cats from an old 1970s Mon Tricot magazine.  Or it might have been a Stitchcraft.  I think it was a Stitchcraft actually.

Last one!  Summer came around again and really that is enough knitting for one year :-).  Young Einstein again.  More vintage buttons.  Hopefully this will still fit in the autumn.

Ironically Ciaran's first outfit was this lovely nana knitting courtesy of the NICU :-)

All cuted out yet?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm still here, somewhere under this pile of washing and scattered possessions!

As my dear doppelgänger, Pippa, pointed out to me it's been over a year since my last confession blog post. Part of that is this darn baby taking up all my time, part of it is my natural inclination towards laziness, part of it is I only just discovered there's a Blogger app! I can blog on my phone now, woohoo!

sorry about that if anyone was was hanging out for my vague ramblings and attempted creative musings.  Pippa is just sad because she's not on Facebook so misses out on all the baby photos.  So for Pippa and all, here is Ciaran Louis, age 13 months. Cute as a button and always busy.

A very, very, busy little boy.