Monday, April 26, 2010

Lego/Dr Who

The kids entered a Lego building competition during the school holidays.

Miss 9 built Dr Who's TARDIS, with the Ood at the table, and an alien sneaking up on the Doctor.

Mr 5 & 11/12ths built Dr Who's TARDIS crashing.  See, the Doctor is falling out the door holding his (enormous) sonic screw driver.  (Doctor, is that a scewdriver in your pocket?...)

We are all deeply, deeply in love with Dr Who around here.  I'm even able to accept the new, hideously young Doctor - although I did spend most of the first episode of the new series trying to get a good look at the young Amelia Pond's cardi.

Sorry, you can't really make it out in that pic, let's just say it's textured with panels of different small lace stitches, with a cream border.  Goes rather well with her nightie and red boots. 

She had a rather snazzy hat too, and gloves.  The things people obsess over... Do you know there are whole websites devoted to knits in British sci-fi TV programmes?  Well, I don't know that either, but wouldn't it be handy if there were?

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