Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Not Blogtoberfesting here.

Terrible weather yesterday, a spectacular hail laced southerly kept me awake half the night blowing plastic chairs and toys around the garden, rattling the windows and throwing endless buckets of stones against the glass (or so it sounded).  Piles of cherry blossom slushy greeted us in the morning.

I had to go into town.  All of 5 degrees C, squally sleet and hail, and the streets were eerily deserted, even as the sun peaked through.

Even the cafes were empty.  I took along time over my trim latte before braving the icy rain again.

On the upside, an opportunity to wear Down Beat, which was complemented by a spunky Italian who asked if I sell my knits.  Maybe for you, Bello ;-)

Hoping to get back to better weather quickly - my deck chair and my knitting bag are calling to me....

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