Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Man Hat

Feel the fear and do it anyway!  Download a PDF for this pattern here:

Knitting on 2.25mm needles with fuzzy black wool is interesting.  It's almost impossible to see the stitches, they blur into a black fuzzy..... fuzziness.  Which is all very lovely when you're done, but hard as hell to count or keep track of rounds without using a row counter.  Do use a row counter, I generally don't and often suffer for my foolishness.

Anyhoo this is a hat for your man to wear under his bike helmet on chilly mornings.  Black so he can be cool, soft so he won't be itchy, possum/wool blend so he'll be super warm, light and thin so he can roll it up and put it in his pocket when the sun comes out.  Cool for girls too of course.

Here's the recipe for an average man sized hat (should fit snugly):

1 ball Supreme Possum Merino with Silk 4 ply, preferably black.
2.25mm needles or size to get gauge.  Normal people will probably get gauge with 3mm needles, but I knit loose.
Gauge = 30sts/4"

CO 144 sts
K2 P2 ribbing for 1/2 an inch.
Continue in stocking stitch until hat measures 4" from CO edge.

Knit 1 round placing markers as follows: k12, pm, then pm every 24 sts.

Dec round:  k to 2sts before marker, k2tog, sm, ssk repeat to end of round.
K 5 rnds
work dec round
k 5 rnds
work dec round.

k 3 rounds
work dec round.
repeat these 4 rnds 'til you have 48sts.

Then work decs every other round 'til you have 24sts.

Cut yarn thread tail through remaining sts and pull tight, fasten to inside of hat sewing up any hole in the top.

Give it to a man or cyclist you love and bask in the warmth of their gratitude.  Or put it on your art deco lamp, whatever.

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