Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jumper Suit for Baby Boy

All finished and just like the one in the book!  It's a relief to finally do a "completed" knitting post, especially a completed vintage project.  I've been knitting too many things in 4ply wool, everything takes forever and it feels like a long time since I finished anything.  A baby jumper is not so bad, this was a pretty quick knit at 7sts per inch.

The pattern is from the No. 2 Viyella Knitting Book originally published in the 1920s.  The original pattern is knit in the "gansey" method - knit in the round to the armholes, grafted at shoulders, sleeves picked up and knit down in the round.

I knit exactly to pattern with a couple of small mods:

Pattern as written seems to be two rows short in the front, I added in an extra two rows in pattern before casting off for the neck.

Only knit 12 rounds in pattern on cuffs to match the hem and to have less bulky turnbacks on the sleeves (and I got bored).

Finished measurements:
chest 18”
length 10.5”
sleeves 7” (not turned back)

These correspond to sizing for a baby of 3-6 months.

I didn't have enough wool left from 2 balls for “the knickers”, but there may be just enough for a hat or booties.

The neck closes with 4 tiny buttons and crochet loops.

A vintage baby knit daddy will happily put the baby boy in - much as I'm dying to knit some little "frocks" and lacy gowns I don't think I'll get away with it.

Here's the pattern for the jumper (click for a bigger image).  I will add a pdf version of the whole suit and load it onto Ravelry. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm off to Vintage Knitting College, by gum, by golly!

Since releasing my Matariki pattern I've had a few knitters asking me for hints on colourwork knitting.  You might like to check out the Vintage Knitting College hosted on the fabulous blog By gum, by golly! for far more detailed and comprehensive advice than I could ever give!

If the linky button won't work, you can enter Vintage Knitting College here, and Tasha's first class is here: Colorwork: 101.

Mostly I'm just looking at all those gorgeous vintage chicks in their gorgeous vintage sweaters and wondering about their boobs.  Luckily Tasha's blog even has a post about re-creating a vintage bustline.  I'm not taking the Mickey, quite seriously, I've often wondered about retro bustlines.  Not quite sure where to from there, except maybe it's time to re-post this one:

That'll be me soon, 20" waist and all.

Monday, November 7, 2011

One for Trish

I spied some familiar fabric on the blog of my vintage loving, clever sewing, old school friend, Trish.  I'm sure it's the same as my De Vol "Jeannie" dress.  What do you think, Trish?

Have a looksie at Trish's sewing and vintage musings at Quiet Vintage Sewing

Barefoot in the Kitchen

I know, I know, I've not blogged forever.  But I have been busy, buying selling and shifting houses, and growing babies...

Helloooo feet!  Sorry I can't reach you anymore, promise I'll try and paint your toenails anyway.

Yup, there's a new baby on the way.  One of those accidental "much the younger" babies.  I always swore I wasn't going to be one of those woman who had babies in their 40s.  Well, you live and learn.

So what am I knitting for baby?  Hardly anything!  He's due in the middle of summer, how many woolies will he need?  Still, gotta knit so I'm making a Moderne Baby Blanket blanket in Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton.  I've wanted to knit one of these for ages - here's mine so far:

And of course some vintage baby knitting has to be tackled.  I'm starting with this little "Jumper Suit" from the No. 2 Viyella Knitting Book.  It's really a tiny gansey, knit mostly in the round, with the sleeves picked up and knit top down.  Very simple and very 1920s.  If it works out ok I'll post the pattern.  I'm using Cleckheaton Coccoon, a little nylon content in homage to Viyella perhaps? 

I love these old Viyella books, I threaten my big kids with such joys as "school girl knickers", they're not impressed even when they like to dress the part.

How do you like Miss Z's new hair cut?  A big change around here, life is so much easier without the daily hair battle!  I thought she looked very 1920s in this outfit but she rolled her eyes as only a pre-teen can do and informed me it was Edwardian.  I used to wear the dress and gloves out clubbing when I was about 18.  My hair was always too curly to carry off a flapper bob, I'm jealous of my 10 year old!

Spy the blue blankie?

That's my big boy, with Kanga too, he's still my baby really ;-)