Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heaven is on the Bypass...

In the form of Martha's Pantry.  An oasis of feminine calm just off Upper Cuba Street on Kamo Drive, formerly know as the Bypass.

Why oh why have I never been there before now?  Absolute retro-girly bliss.

Cupcakes, truffles, Louise Slice, melting moments.

Mini frittatas, scones with cream and berry jam/passionfruit curd.

Mint and cucumber sandwiches, cornbeef club sanwiches, mini pizzas.

Two pots of glorious Kerikeri teas, all served on vintage china, souvenir teaspoons, embroidered table cloth, teacosies.....

All for $25 each, well worth it!  And we ate it all bar one tiny cupcake which they kindly put in a wee box to take home.  Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who so kindly took pity on this trio of frazzled mums who forgot to book for high tea.  We promise to book next time, and bring our daughters (maybe). 


Is it possible to get drunk on tea?  I left feeling distinctly giddy.  Rumour has it they are opening a blokey version called Arthur's.  I can only imagine...


  1. Oasis is the PERFECT description for this place!

  2. Ooo it looks divine. Especially the tea cosy.