Thursday, May 19, 2011

Something Special for My Vintage Friends

It's been awhile, I just don't seem to have the blogging mojo at the moment, but to make up for it I've got something special today.

The Lux Knitting Book 1935!

I've been watching this little coverless book for ages on Trademe.  I couldn't quite bring myself to pay $15 for a book with no cover, even if it was The Lux Knitting Book 1935.  But I had a moment of weakness and she arrived in my letterbox this morning.  As soon as I turned the first page I knew I was not going to regret a single cent of that $15.

Fascinating construction, and gorgeous buttoned neckline.  I LOVE her side buttoned skirt too.

Perfect.  Would be completely in fashion today.  I'd wear this one too.

For the crochet girl, but the angora "jaunty collar" is knitted seperately and is just too sweet.

In maize yellow with brown buttons and belt.

Time for some undies...

Be still, my beating heart!

Finally, a simple sweater in an evening.  Frustratingly this pattern doesn't give any tension or measurements so it would take a bit of experimentation to work it out.  But should anyone feel up to the challenge, here it is:

There are also patterns for the other members of the family, but meh, who needs them.

P.S. if you like these, why not get your own copy!  Bex who blogs at  has a new Etsy store selling PDFs of fabulous vintage patterns, including this and other Lux books.  Pop over and have a drool:


  1. Rock on for those undies! You totally should whip up a set of those. *giggle*

  2. Love the undies. I've been tempted previously;-)

  3. Beautiful! Those undies are the most special thing I've seen in a long, long time.

  4. Maize yellow with brown buttons! Love it! I must try that on one of my vintage sweaters.