Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I had a big stash sort and tidy recently, I no longer have yarn hidden in every nook and cranny, but orderly in baskets under my bed.  So now I have my existing stash under control what do I do?  Buy more wool, naturally!

Somehow a sweater lot of each of these was abandoned on my doorstep.  Thanks Skeinz!

Stunning clours, they are from the Southlander Highland series - a range of colours on various natural bases, so you can have the colour on a Cream, Oatmeal or Bracken base, each giving a different effect.  These are all on the Bracken base - Scarlett Bracken, Coast Bracken and Rose Bracken.  It's a thickish DK, knitting at 20sts to 4" which is perfect because I'm going to use one lot for Thea Coleman's Dark and Stormy.  Probably the Rose - which is a little pinker in real life than my pic, but more purple than the website pic.

And while I'm on the shawl collar vibe, this is going to be my next vintage re-working, another Fontana "designed for T.V. knitting", which will be done in a Jo Sharp DK colour called Lichen - a heathery green-gold.  I'm thinking knit the sideways rib waistband first, then pick up stitches and work in one piece to the armholes.

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