Monday, November 8, 2010

GIB, Captain Underpants and Mary Plain

A pic for Mary: the evidence is mounting up.

Yup, we have a 6 year old boy in the house. Captain Underpants is giving Zac Power a good run for his money 'though. Tonight Ryan told me they (the Captain Underpants characters) know they're in a book, and wondered if we might be in a book, or maybe the whole universe....
There he goes, Captain Underpants with the Toilet Paper of Doom.

For a bit of a break from scatological gadgets we're also reading the positively ancient Mary Plain (in the slightly less ancient 1970s editions from my childhood). My kids really like them - I think it's because Mary is so naughty, and they like her picture writing.  It's particularly good when her picture writing is naughty!  I used to Love Mary Plain, I remember convincing myself that the "bear pits" at Newtown Park Zoo were in fact the Bear Pits at Berne.  I was pretty convinced.  

We only have these four much loved Mary books (3 of mine, one from a school fair - which sparked the reading) and they are sadly out of print.  I can feel a new 2nd hand shop obsession coming on... 

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