Monday, October 18, 2010

Snippets of life and my first and probably last tech review

I finally got around to getting the photos off my old, old phone.  It's so old it can't be plugged in to a pc or use Blue tooth or anything sensible to get the pics out, the only way I could work out was to MMS them to another phone, and then upload them off that phone.  How handy I now have 2 phones (well, three actually, but only 2 sim cards).

The tiny blue Sagem flip phone (wow, it was tiny!  Funny how cell phones got smaller and smaller, and then bigger again) took it's own idiosyncratic, blurry 'round the edges, pics.  Who needs a Hipstamatic?  It's screen was tiny too so it's neat to properly see these wee snippets of when life was kinda interesting but I'd forgotten to bring a real camera.

Zoe and Ryan at the beach aged 4ish and 1ish

Ryan's first day at preschool aged 2 - look he was blond!

Our own special rockpools
(well, they feel like it because it's usually deserted even when the beach proper is packed).

The big rock.

Zoe catching snowflakes at M & B's cottage near Masterton.

One hot summer day in Cuba Mall - another generation fascinated by the Bucket Fountain.  Begging your mum or dad to let you watch "'til the big bucket goes" is a core part of a Wellington childhood. 

Oh Lordy me, the Bucket Fountain has it's own website!  This is the best page - they revamped it and made it even splashier!  Choice.
What's it got to do with hobbits?  If you don't know, you probably shouldn't, it'll put you off Elijah, and paddling in the Bucket Fountain, for life.

Ryan in his Rarotonga shirt, and that's Zoe in the red shorts.

Gee, I had that phone for years!  This is what one reviewer had to say: "The choice of Sagem myC5-2 may be first explained with the design and the fact you liked the appearance of the phone."  Yeah, fair cop, I bought it because it's pretty :-)   Now I have an iPhone.  It is not pretty, but it does stuff ;-)

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