Monday, October 4, 2010

Frocktober continues - the Cocktail Dress

Did I think to get someone to take a proper picture of this fabulous piece of 1970s fashion?  No I did not, I was too busy making Devils on Horseback and mushroom vol au vents.  So I had to snap myself with the iPhone.

Luckily my friends remembered to dress appropriately:

The children were extremely helpful, if somewhat eager waitpersons:

Who also helped themselves.  Spot the cocktail snack hedgehog:

The serious business of mixocology (there's that hedgehog again):

Joining the grown ups - that child would not go to bed!  Long after her brother had fallen alseep watching Finding Nemo, we kept finding her hanging out with her big ears flapping...

 The main thing that differentiates a 40th from a 21st?  The quality of the liquor!  Only top shelf for us.
We had Manhattans, Martinis, Margharitas, Mojitos and anything you want as long as it starts with 'm'.  And Tourette's Tippler.  Equal parts Cointreau, Tia Maria and vokda.  One sip and you swear I guess.  Damn tasty though.

Put your phone away!

Sing Star always rounds off a party just right...

The cocktail frock from behind - phew, it didn't show my knickers after all!

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