Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday Morning

Here in Wellington we have a time honoured hangover cure:

 Malaysian food.  For me it's a Curry Laksa, or a Nasi Lemak, or maybe BBQ Pork Wonton Noodle Soup.  today we went to Satay Palace on Cuba Street.  It was FABULOUS!  We have something like 98 Malaysian restaurants in Wellington, a lot of them just a little mediocre, but Satay Palace is one of the better ones.  Still small and sparse and cheap as a proper hangover curing noodle house should be, but the food is rich and spicy and fiery if you like it that way (we do!).

How can anyone not love Cuba Street?  If they don't, I don't think I want to know them - we're just not going to be on the same planet.

Malaysian, a splash in the Bucket Fountain, and a wander in the tulips to the strains of ukeleles.  I can confirm that the Wellington Botanic Gardens are definitely teeming with life*.

*The Simpsons preview featuring well known Wellingtonians, the Flight of the Concords

Almost forgot the frock:

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