Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tourists in our own Town

Guess who's got the Hipstamatic App on their iPhone?  Much fun, now I can take photos just like
Frankie magazine.

I took the kids on the cable car today. Such a touristy thing, I do wonder what tourists must make of it. Once you've paid your $6 return ticket and got past the flashy new terminus with it's barcode scanning automatic entrance gates, the actual ride takes about 2 minutes and most of it is tunnels or under the motorway. Which is all very exciting if you're 3 years old, but I wonder what the tourists make of it.  It certainly gives you an interesting perspective on the city, leaving the dark cave of the bottom terminus, heading through the tunnels and under the motorway and over the carparks and behind the tall buildings, then emerging into the trees and sunlight.  Actually the trees have grown so much you can't see as much as the postcards would have you think, but hey, once you get to the very top the views are spectacular.  Look, there it goes!  just like the postcards.

If you do go on the cable car, I really think you should get out at the top.  Don't just stay on and go back down, the best bit is the old cable car in the Cable Car Museum.  I'm so old I can remember riding on those outside seats, much more fun than the modern enclosed car with it's automatic doors!  I only got to ride the outside seats if it was just me and my mum, if my baby brother was with us we had to sit inside.  I desperately wanted to stick my legs out and try to touch the damp bricks of tunnel walls like the big kids did, but my mum wouldn't let me.  My modern children were convinced the brown leather straps for hanging onto were actually seatbelts.

See how the seats are on an angle so that when you're going up and down the hill you sit flat?  I never realised that before, guess I only saw that car on it's steep incline!

Ryan can control the cars with his powers of course.

Went home and played with the Hipstamatic.

Children played with their new Tama Gos, not very retro I know...

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  1. Oh those hipstamatic pics rock!! Love the powers pose too :)