Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're turning Japanese

A new store just opened in town called Japan City.  It's really just a Japanese $2 Shop (Which I notice in these inflationary times is now called a 2n5 dollar shop), but for some reason Japanese junk is cooler.

Anyway me and my 6 year old thought Japan City was very exciting and bought a whole pile of very cute crap essential stuff.

Yes, plastic "Lunch Time" soy sauce fish!  Faux lacquer bowls with bunnies on!  Cute animal stuff! 
Ryan chose the work book for learning to write Hiragana.  He knows far more than me about a lot of things, including Japanese.  Did you know they have three different alphabets?  He did!

I don't suppose Japanese style seems strange at all to my Anime watching, Tamagotchi playing children.

Well, while we were enjoying Japan City our own Salaryman was in Real Japan, and he brought back even cuter and cooler bowls and chopsticks.

We've been eating a lot of noodles, dumplings and sushi this week.  I tried to make it cute.

Very soon we'll be able to eat broad beans in our bowls.  These ones are growing in my "rubbish garden" - a little patch by the compost bins that's mostly used for putting things that start growing in the compost. 


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