Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh feck, that's a lot of sweaters, no wonder I can't close my drawers!

Yup, I put all the sweaters I've knitted this year in a pile and took a photo.  The pile was too high and wouldn't say up so I made two piles instead.  Two colour co-ordinated piles.

Ah yes, my life is full of stimulating activities. 

I really did knit 12, but you'll only count 10 here because I frogged one and gave one away. Also the top left gold one isn't technically finished, but hey, it's half done.
Notice the limited colour palatte this year, no red or orange, and what's with everything I've knitted lately being green to gold?
I've also knit:
5 hats
2 pairs of mittens
2 Matariki kid sweaters (must get that pattern out...)
1 other boy sweater
2 boy's vests
1 girl's dress
2 Olearia cardigans (one lost)
1 cowl
1 baby cardy and booties
1 cushion
1 sockmonkey
1 Velveteen Rabbit
2 or 3 dishcloths

For 2011 I'm not knitting 12 sweaters!  I have a list though:

Ten for Eleven

1. Knit fom stash!
2. 1 knit for DP
3. 1 knit for DD
4. 1 knit for DS 
5. Socks!
6. 1 Challenge knit - Fresco wrap
7. Knit the darn cotton blanket
8. Publish cricket sweater pattern
9. Publish Matariki
10. ?

So now I'm in that marvelous limbo of what to knit next?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Good stuff to come home to....

An overgrown garden, and a yarn club package.  Damn iPhone and Facebook posting enablers!  Thanks to Christine I had a wee looksee at Knitsch and somehow signed up and paid my fee all on my phone from the beach.  I love modern life!  Here's my first instalment - the colourway is "Pretty Please", and those are lavender sachets.

The parcel also contained some exciting news - Tash is opening a physical store, Holland Road Yarn Company will open on Wednesday 23 February at 281 Jackson St, Petone - exciting!  I'll be there with my face pressed to the glass on Wednesday morning, no doubt I'll see C there. They have a website, go on, click! 

Oh, and the garden - you can't tell from the pic how huge those courgettes had got because the strawberries are enormous too.  They were big watery marrows really, so I cut them in half and scraped out the seedy bits, browned them in olive oil and let them drain off, then stuffed them with a mixture of lamb mince, onions, tomatoes, red wine, chilli, harissa, allspice, cinnamon and a hand full of rice, topped with pinenuts and fresh mint and baked in the oven.  Delicious!

The children ate the strawberries.

Class 37 - Vegatable or Fruit Novelty

I'm a city girl, I've lived most of my life within walking distance CBD (of a pretty little city granted).  My current suburban existance is as far from the big smoke as I've ever lived - but I'm still within 5 minutes of a trim flat white, and a 3D movie.  Not very deep inisde me, however, lurks a wannabe homesteader, and as you may have noticed I'm very fond of the trappings and traces of a way of life that's hard to find in this homogonous mass-produced, franchised, urban world.

There is nothing like a small town A&P Show to reassure an urban retro hippy chic that the old time spirit is alive and kicking in the country.

Ryan boogied to the ryhthm of the antique steam machinery.

 Please, Mum?

Second Prize.

First prize!

That'll be a dragon made out of a sausage, not sure what this class was - Sausage Novelty?

The most beautiful lamingtons I've ever seen.  Shame the the baking must all have spoilt in the heat.

Old school embroideries, and a felted koala in the tea cosie section.

Yeah, wool.

Sand gardens!  With tanks and army men.  

All the fun of the fair.

Girly stuff.

Wood chopping. We were just in time for the grannies division - they breed some tough chicks out here.

Too cute.

Protective mother.

Ryan fell in love with a guinea pig he named Hazelnut.  I can't stand the things myself, all they do is squeak and run away...

Bacon and Eggs.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm back, with a holiday slide show - oh yes!

Blogger doesn't play nicely with my iPhone so I've not been reading or writing blogs while I've been away, and then I was somehow out of the groove when I got home, so now I have pages and pages of lovely people and their lives and crafts and children to catch up on - it may have to wait until the kiddos go back to school though.

I had a finishing off frenzy over the Christmas and New Year period, and then knitted all of 3 dishcloths during our ten days at the beach.  I think no TV = no knitting for me! 

So, pretty scenery cruising the Marlborough Sounds:

And the view from our section:


Sleeping out in the caravan (which is an old railway box car).

Reading it old school.

Beach structures.

Zoe got to go horse trekking, she's so brave!

Rocking the tyre swing at the Mussel Inn.

Flood damage on the Aorere River. 

This is what the bridge used to look like, ever since it was built in the 1880s - I can't imagine that placid water flowing so high and powerful, the river is way down there for heaven's sake!  Mother nature is damn scary.

Another river in near flood (the Pelorous).  A van load of young guys pulled up and asked us if the river was good for swimming - hmm, not so much!

So that was part 1 of my slide show - next time the Golden Bay A&P Show!