Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am more than a little bit over the crappy weather we've been having pretty much all year, but today is lovely so here's hoping it's the start of better things.  I wonder what it's like to live somewhere with predictable weather?  Imagine living somewhere where it doesn't blow a gale for three months of every year and doesn't rain for weeks on end, and actually gets properly warm for more than 3 weeks in summer! 

But then when would I get to wear my hats and cardies?  I think I could cope, I'd get to wear my dresses and swimming togs instead and I think I could handle that.

The man's considering mo-vembering.  Hmm, all for a good cause I know, but no kisses for him if he does.

I got a haircut and new dress (more on that another day).

I could not resist this waffle maker at half price.

The tomatoes I grew from last year's seeds have moved from the window sill to a pot on the deck and are flourishing.

The last of our trees to blossom, the others are all green leaves now.

We've been playing a lot of swingball when the weather is kind to us.

Summery looking plants are taking over from the spring ones.

The big old bush rose smells even better than it looks.

I'm knitting two different things with two different golden wools.

The kids are totally engrossed in Medieval Playmobil world.  Somebody keeps buying 2nd hand Playmobil off Trademe...  The castle isn't Playmobil, it's something a bit cheaper.  Zoe save up for months to buy it.

The sad little lemon is putting on lots of new growth after sitting quietly all winter (as to be expected).

Raspberries and California Poppies always do well, I do love pretty and/or tasty weeds :-)

The cabbage trees are flowering, attracting gazillions of bees.  These smell amazing too, sort of like vanilla, but sweeter.

And that's how I'd like to think November looks in Wellington.  The 4th coolest city to visit next year.  If that's not damning with faint praise...


  1. Love the haircut - looking forward to seeing the dress;-)

  2. Sharonnz stole my comment. . .

    Loved seeing snatches of your Welly life and garden.