Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Matariki is the Maori name for the constellation the Pleiades - the Seven Sisters.  Matariki is also the name given to the Maori New Year, which begins in June when Matariki appears in the southern skies.
Matariki was traditionally a time of being indoors, the harvest is in and the storehouses are full.  It was a time for stories, being with friends and family, and for making and mending.  In that spirit I've spent the day snuggled on the couch in front of the fire and while my kids are home "sick" playing Club Penguin, I'm working on a new design for Matariki.  It's my take on a traditional shawl collared fair isle sweater, reinterpreted as a top down raglan for the seam adverse modern knitter (i.e., me!).

Like trying to count the stars in Matariki/Pleiades the stars on this jersey vary from 5 to 8 stars, but depending on the size rather than how much you squint.

I really enjoy this bit of working out a pattern, even though pretty much anyone with half a brain, a tape measure and a calculator could do it, it makes me feel smart.  I'm feeling particularly brainy today having charted out my stars to fit my stitch counts all by myself - and it's all worked out beautifully logical and simple.  I've got this one sorted I think, just have to knit it to be sure.

My notebook also contains thoughts on one of my still-in-the-head designs - the Goth Sweater.  Thinking about names:
April Skies
Happy When it Rains
Just Like Honey
Taste of Cindy

Oh yes, I was a teenager in the '80s.  The goth sweater involves black mohair and a big lace cowl, it's either going to be very, very cool or really, really bad.

Kia pai tenei tau hau.

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