Friday, May 28, 2010

Any young kiwi ....

More joy to share from Fontana. Knits for the little ones this time, 1940s style:

Those pocket posies are so beautifully embroidered.  Too cute?  Try these:

I am going to have to knit those aeroplanes - it's called Nosedive!  I shall not be knitting the intarsia deer, Frisky as they may be.

I love this from the Delightful Designs for Toddlers book:

And finally:

"Any young Kiwi will be comfy and warm in this Fontana knitted".  My youngest kiwi turns 6 next week, and still loves to wear his mama's hand knits.  But apparently kids at school pull on his jerseys and stretch them.  He told me, sadly, that some kids weren't treating his jersey very nicely, even though he told them they should because his mum made it.  Well, I'm not a Homemade-Nazi, and I don't want the boy to feel picked on, so I bought him a couple of nasty cheap slave labour fleece hoodies that aren't so satisfying to stretch.  He says he feels too cold in them.  Hah!  Say it loud and say it proud:


Just take a wander down Cuba Street and marvel at all the hip young things wearing '80s picture knits I wouldn't be caught dead in.  I'm starting to understand why my Mum laughed when I used to wear full skirted frocks and penny loafers.


  1. aww poor kid! any chance of sneaking some handknit goodness *under* the polarfleece??! ;)

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for updating the pattern, but as I am knitting the body, I think it would be helpful to know the total stitch count after the first and second rounds of increases. I do love the pattern! I too have Scottish and Norwegian grandmothers!!! Thanks for all the your site!
    Carole {:o)