Monday, June 14, 2010

Grandma's Jersey

Found in an op-shop:

Found in the sea:

Tee hee :-)  Sadly mine has stains on - red wine was involved I fear.  Knitted by my Grandmother many years ago, and worn almost to death by me in the past few years.  This wool does not pill or fluff one bit, either they spun miracle wool in them olden days, or it's moved past it's pilling stage.

I was stoked to find this pattern on one of my op-shop trawls, that strange woman chortling in the corner of the Sallies shop is probably me - either me or a proper crazy lady from the half way house round the corner.... 

I love stumbling upon coincidence, reminds me that everything is connected - we are all moving in the same dance and sometimes we meet the most unexpected things.

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