Monday, June 21, 2010


The shortest day of the year today, and it doesn't feel like winter at all - the sun is shining and it's 15 degrees Celsius.  Perfect weather for carting compost and planting garlic, which is just what I've been doing this morning - feeling wonderfully wholesome and dirty.

The last autumn leaves are clinging in the lee of a fence, while the first spring bulbs are bursting through, oblivious to the cold days to come.

It's easy to forget on a warm, suuny morning that "as the days grow longer the cold grows stronger".

And because all things are in balance today:

Italy 1 - New Zealand 1

Tootling car horns woke me some time around 3am, and I wondered, but rolled over and went back to sleep because NZ beating Italy at calcio is impossible.  Obviously!  But a draw we'll take and honk our horns and  dream of more impossible things - like maybe winning the Rugby World Cup!

On the knitting front, Matariki mark 1 is done. It's not supposed to have a contrasting collar, I just ran out of yarn ;-)

And that first pic?  Yesterday Ryan got a haircut, lost a tooth, and developed an instant lisp.  Not sure what balances that (apart from loosing the other tooth so that he can sing "All I want for Chrithmath is my two front teef").

Look at this!  Just because it's all about balance today - while I was writing this big black clouds blew in, and now it's cold, windy and about to rain - hello winter!


  1. You have more summer i the middle of winter than we have... Wish we had 15 C here.
    The sweater looks great :)