Friday, May 21, 2010

Searching, searching...I found it!

I'm putting my money on the Hermitage as the location for my Fontana books.

Right mountains anyway.  The current hotel buildings were built in 1958, so the era is spot on - it would have made a daringly new and stylish location for a fashion shoot in the early 1960s.

Like the Chateau, the Hermitage was at various times a government owned hotel.  Imagine that - the government funding luxury holiday lodges.  It sounds faintly ludicrous today, like Stalinist era Black Sea health resorts - I'm thinking Butlands meets Borat.  The THC (Tourist Hotel Corporation, although I much prefer its earlier title, Department of Tourist and Health Resorts) owned the Hermitage and several other hotels until as recently as 1990, I can remember THC travel posters from my childhood (and I don't mean smoke dope and fly home ha ha).  Ah yes, I grew up in a socialist wonderland where everyone had the same TV (Phillips K9?) and it took a month to get the phone on.

I've never been to Twizel, and I've only seen Aoraki from the West Coast side.  Maybe I should take advantage of the Volcano Hiccup sale....

I love the internet!

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