Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It's raining.  A lot.

Three months worth of rain in one day, and my children finally agree to wear their raincoats.  Should we ever get 6 feet of snow I might even get them to put on a sweater.  Or socks!

The knitting bit: Miss Z is wearing the result of my third testing wench experience.  Olearia by the very clever Georgie Hallam/Tikki.  This is a lovely design in sizes from baby up to 8 years (Z is wearing the 8), with a range of options - shrug or long; runching at the top or all the ways down; capped, short or long sleeves; plain sleeves or fancy edged.....  And like most Tikki designs Olearia is knit top down in the round with simple raglan shaping - perfect knitting for mums!  I've made 2 so far.  Are ya sold yet? ;-)

Disclaimer:  Wellington has not had 3 months worth of rain today, I made that up.  But parts of the country are supposed to be having up to 300mm of rain and that sounds like 3 months worth of rain to me.  I would Google average monthly rainfall, but that's too dull and geeky, even for a weather obsessed fact freak me.  All I know is it's pouring with rain.  And somehow one of my cats is covered in concrete.

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  1. Your Olearia is beautiful. I have it in my ravelry queue ;) Hopefully my daughter will have one...