Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Look who we saw on the way to school this morning....

Ok, actually: look who we saw after being tipped off that dolphins were in the bay, racing down to the beach, and seeing not dolphins, but a pod of orcas swimming around the coast.  Cool.

There were quite a few, at least half a dozen, big ones and little ones.  All swimming around the rocks, coming in amazingly close - as if they were checking out the crowd of curious humans gathering along the shore.  These babies are fast!

Orcas are fairly regular visitors around Wellington, sometimes they swim right in to Wellington Harbour and cruise along beside the whalves and motorways.  They always seem to swim around the coast from east to west, passing us ans heading off towards Red Rocks where there is a seal colony.

Hopefully the newly established Tapu te Ranga marine reserve means we'll get more and more visits from orca, and dolphins, and who know who else as the natural marine environment recovers and grows. 

Quite a few local kids were a wee bit late for school this morning.

Thanks to Kelly Thomas and for the pic - more here:

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