Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fabulous Fontana

Stitchcraft is so last week.  My new opshop gold is Fontana booklets - homegrown 60s style. 

I am a bit worried about the gun obsession...

Especially the 2nd pic - a little dark and brooding for a knitting booklet surely?  Very Kiwi Gothic, don't tell me little Susie's out with that Hohepa boy again....

I orignally thought the pics in some of these were taken at the Chateau Tongariro on Mt Ruapehu.  But looking more closely I think I'm wrong.  The windows look the right, but the mountains don't.

I'm going to talk about the Chateau anyway because it's one of my favourite places, it's well worth popping in for a coffee or a cocktail just to soak up a little bit of shabby glamour.  Have a drink on the deck at sunset and pretend you're a mid century jet-setter, very James Bond - if you squint enough.  The views are stunning though.  Doesn't this sound good? (from the Chateau Tongariro website):
After a long day on the slopes, guests would return to fine wine and cuisine served under grand chandeliers, and to staff ready to attend to their every need, as they relaxed in front of the grand arched Ngauruhoe Window, taking in magnificent views of Mount Tongariro. The ‘chink’ of crystals glasses, the sounds of live music and laughter, tales of the days’ adventure and the crackle of a roaring log fire filled the air in the Chateau’s opulent Ruapehu Lounge.
Doesn't it make you feel like knitting a fair isle ski jumper?

While I'm glad I wasn't around in the 60s (for a start I'd be really old now), I'd really like to dress like this.

Please send me all your nana's old Fontana booklets, thank you ;-) 


  1. Love the grandpa cardy - in a big way.

  2. uhh even tho i'm totally anti-guns i'm more worried about that red & green jumper!

  3. Hi, it's probbaly not Chateau Tongariro unfortunately as the wood in the windows at the Chateau is wider. Also your 2nd pic looks like there are mountains behind the trees and if so, then it's definitely not us.
    Maree Surrey
    Marketing Manager
    Chateau Tongariro & Wairakei Resort.

  4. Thanks for your reply, Maree. I think you're right, also the Chateau has old fashioned radiators under the windows which I'm assumig are original, where as these have built in modern style radiators. I suspect somewhere in the South Island as Fontana were based in Timaru. But if anyone has any guesses I'd love to hear them!