Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Knit Tech

My knitting and vintage loving buddies will understand:

I got into a minor bidding war over this, ended up paying about twice what I meant to, but I'm so pleased to have it I'm not complaining (and I still got a bargain, I'm just cheap).  It's an M.P. Handy Guide for Knitting and Crochet.

Look, it's even on Wikipedia (why is that not spelt Wikipaedia?):

(scroll down to "Complex Row Counters").

Yes, the sliders do stick a bit, but only a bit, I'm finding it insanely useful.  Although I probably shouldn't be using it being a museum piece and all ;-)

Keen eyed obsessive knitters might also spot my new knitting technology.  Oh yes, Addi Clicks!  Handy!  Although they the joins do catch a bit when knitting with the smaller size needles.  Good thing I also have my Knit Picks.  Can't have too many needles, specially when you're a little knitting ADD and have to start a new project every other day...

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