Friday, November 19, 2010

Passion and Buttons

Despite it being more sub-Antarctic than sub-tropical today, my passion fruit vine is flowering for the first time.  Very strange looking flowers.  One of the feijoas I planted about 7 years ago is about to flower for the first time as well.  It hasn't been a warm spring, but it has been very wet, and we didn't have any frosts over the winter, so maybe that's fooled my brave subtropicals.  The challenge will be to keep them well watered over the summer, and sheltered from the endless wind.

Buttons!  Who is "the vintage button lady" who has a stall at Fabric-a-Brac?  I need another fossick through her enormous collection - this pic is just a small corner of her table!  I was hoping to find some nice big buttons for the test knit I'm working on, but I'm just not far enough through the knit to know what I really want for it.  hopefully she'll turn up at a craft fair soon so I can have another hunt.

Zoe unfailing managed to pick out the most expensive buttons which I refused to buy ($20 each!), but she did score herself a pretty blue rose print silk scarf for $2 (clutched in her arm there).

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