Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Wanderer

This post has been driving me nuts, I took photos of my version, and now I can't find them in the multitude of drives and folders on our pc.  I've deleted them off the camera too.  But then I got super clever and stole one back from Ravelry.

Remember this?

She's called Happy Wanderer and you'll find her in Fontana Fashion Knits 1503, which unfortunately you're probably not going to find easily! 

"High fashion insists that summer's choice is also autumn's favourite.  A garment to lead you right through the year."

(Designed for T.V. knitting)

Well, either they felt the cold more back then, or global warming has kicked in, but I find this a tad heavy even for Wellington's dodgy summer, but I can imagine wearing it for a walk through the autumn leaves, or for some reason, walking the dog.  I don't have a dog.  Made for pretty good TV knitting though, and isn't the model gorgeous?  I thought if I knit one for myself I'd be gorgeous too ;-)

I used Jo Sharp Classic DK, in a colour called Lichen which is not quite green, and not quite gold.  I'm really happy with the way this has come out, super happy with my op-shop score of exaclty the right number (7) of  leather strip buttons.  (Actually I found instructions for how to make these in a 1970s Mon Tricot magazine just the other day, I will hunt them out and share).

I made a few changes to the construction of the pattern, but I kept it essentially exactly the same: I knit the waistband first, and then picked up stitches for the body, which I knit in one piece as a bottom-up seamless raglan.  Easy peasy.  I followed the pattern for the collar and button bands, which are folded double and stitched down.

Someday I'll hunt down who holds the copyright on these patterns (it's tricky, all the merging and folding of companies in the 1990s) and insist they let me use them.  I mean, what is the story with patterns published by companies that no longer exist? 

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  1. That jumper looks gorgeous on you. Must be the first adult knitting pattern I've seen that I've thought 'I want to knit that' :-)