Wednesday, February 9, 2011

100th Post - cheese, mysteries and celebrity spotting.

This is my 100th post!  And I'm just geting started....
Cheesy pattern time!

I don't have a problem with the knits, I actually quite like the knits (maybe not in pink), but the hair!  Jeepers - Thunderbirds are Go! (or are they Cindy dolls?)
What was the photographer's direction here?  It'll look better if you both gaze off into space, and think "alien".

Think alien!  WTF?

And I just don't know what to say about her him that.

But sometimes I really like the knits in retro patterns, not even proper old classy trendy vintage, but knits from my lifetime. I reckon these rock: (The 70s chick is gorgeous, but that dewy look makeup does her skin no favours - it's nice to be reminded of the world pre-digitally enhanced photos!)

A Puzzle
 In amongst those cheesy wonders I found this lovely 40s Patons fair isle book, but it has lost it's cover.  I'd love to know what it looked like - and to have the rest of the patterns that were printed on the cover and facing pages.  Let me know if you recognise these pages.

A Celebrity?
New Zealand readers - who do you think this is? 

And finally, the Bravery Award for 1974 goes to: 

 Carefree or not it takes a brave woman to ride a bicycle in white hot pants on any day of the month!  One of my favourite 70s ads.


  1. Hi there, I really like that grey zigzag jersey (the one wearing the beret) - would there be any way for me to buy, borrow or beg this pattern off you??!!