Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh feck, that's a lot of sweaters, no wonder I can't close my drawers!

Yup, I put all the sweaters I've knitted this year in a pile and took a photo.  The pile was too high and wouldn't say up so I made two piles instead.  Two colour co-ordinated piles.

Ah yes, my life is full of stimulating activities. 

I really did knit 12, but you'll only count 10 here because I frogged one and gave one away. Also the top left gold one isn't technically finished, but hey, it's half done.
Notice the limited colour palatte this year, no red or orange, and what's with everything I've knitted lately being green to gold?
I've also knit:
5 hats
2 pairs of mittens
2 Matariki kid sweaters (must get that pattern out...)
1 other boy sweater
2 boy's vests
1 girl's dress
2 Olearia cardigans (one lost)
1 cowl
1 baby cardy and booties
1 cushion
1 sockmonkey
1 Velveteen Rabbit
2 or 3 dishcloths

For 2011 I'm not knitting 12 sweaters!  I have a list though:

Ten for Eleven

1. Knit fom stash!
2. 1 knit for DP
3. 1 knit for DD
4. 1 knit for DS 
5. Socks!
6. 1 Challenge knit - Fresco wrap
7. Knit the darn cotton blanket
8. Publish cricket sweater pattern
9. Publish Matariki
10. ?

So now I'm in that marvelous limbo of what to knit next?

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