Monday, September 13, 2010

New Clothes and Stuff

Well, you know I like the op shops?  I had a marathon op-shopping session today, only interrupted by a coffee break, a laksa break, and having to pick up the children from school.  It was a good day!

Help me choose my party dress:

Flowery and floaty:

Or really very 1970 cocktail party:

'Scuse bad pics taken with phone in opshop changing room.  Funny crotch bumps are my jeans under that slinky polyester.  That dress is a 1970s size 14!  I'm a modern NZ 8-10 which is about a US 4-6.  Sizes really have shrunk (the numbers shrunk, or the clothes grew).  My first adult clothes were a size 12, and no way am I ever smaller than I was at age 12!  Who do they think they're kidding?

Or I could wear my Marcia Brady dress, except that actually does makes me look 12.

We'll be drinking out of these, they look full, when they're not, ha! 

I've spent so much time looking at old knitting patterns I think I've grown retro perception filters, I can spot a vintage handknit in a rack of manky charity shop clothes at 20 paces.  I can pretty much pinpoint the patterns, or at least the genre - most old patterns are variations on a few themes.  Unfortunately most old style sweaters that turn up in 2nd hand shops are huge, or horribly pilled, or in hideous colours of hideous acrylic. 

But every now and then you hit the motherlode:

Oh my golly gosh I wanted a 2 colour 1960s sweater sooooo much, but the thought of actually knitting one - all that stranding, and you would have to do it in very fine wool or it would be so thick and bulky.  So finding one for $5, in good colours, and my size!!!  How perfect is that?

And just to make my day extra perfect, as I passed the newsagents I discovered that it's Frankie and Fry's (Turkish Delight bar) day again.


  1. Hard to pick, hard to pick. #1 is VERY Margo Leadbetter whom I am extremely fond of. But maybe it's too Margo-early-evening-drinkies. Whereas #2 is definitely late night cocktail and fondue and keys in the bowl!

  2. Sharon babe, you and I have to have a Margo early-evening-drinkies party! I love Margo, though in my soul I'm Barbara all the way. I was planning on getting the fundue set out, but might skip the keys in bowl.

  3. I like the white/multicolour one. And yes with clothing sizes! I have shrunk two sizes in some clothes since my teens. Obviously ageing 20+ years and having four children is good for the waistline! ;-)

  4. Ah, so a few more kids and few more years and we'll all be a size 0! Oh, and I meant fondue before, but fundue sounds... fun!

  5. Oh number two for sure (although I'm pleased you explained the bumps - I was a touch perturbed by what was going on under there!). I've grown about 2 dress sizes since my twenties, so hate to think what that means in conjunction with shrinking numbers - wah!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ooh ooh definately the very really very 1970 cocktail party! Too cool :D

  7. Right, really very really very 1970 cocktail party it is! And I won't wear my jeans under it.