Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love the postie....

....because she brings me new knitting books.  I also love the Book Depository because they have free worldwide postage, and send me cute little bookmarks.

Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts is an old favourite of mine, in fact it is permanently under my little side table that I keep my TV knitting on - never seems to make it back onto the shelf before I want to look in it again.  So I was very excited to see More LMKGs and ordered it right away, and the very day it arrived I knit the Pointy Elf Hat on the cover for Ryan.

Ryan Potter that is!  In his mind he is one bad ass wizard (and quite tall for his age too), but really he's just so intrinsically elfish (and short), he looks like a naughty pixie from a Magic Faraway Tree land.  this one really is a LMKG - taking less than 2 hours to knit and using about $2 worth of bulky budget wool/acrylic (thank you Spotlight for having a half price sale just when I needed it, amazing how satisfying a shopping experience Spotlight is when you're actually looking for cheap and nasty yarn).

And the Vintage Knits?  Time for another bloke sweater, and I rather like this one (link for Ravelers):

Of course, being Rowan, this is a gorgeous book full of ruddy cheeked English Roses in very tasty knits, so I am happy.  Although, I really don't get Kaffe Fassett.


  1. Oh man I love that hat. Actually the boy is pretty cute too. Is it bad to buy a book for one two-hour-knit-hat?

  2. Pip - it's a pretty good book, buy it!