Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dressing up

I used to love dressing up when I was a kid (yeah, I know, I still do).  It was just the best fun rummaging around in our mothers' voluminous '70s dresses, knee high boots, frothy 60s petticoats and lashings of costume jewelery.  If you were really lucky you had grandma's things as well.  My favourite places for playdates were ones with seemingly bottomless dress up boxes, so one of my first duties as a mother is to ensure a well stocked dress up box.  

My daughter spent the whole weekend dressed like this.  She styled it all by herself which is seriously cool, I sent her to change out of her netball gear and she came back looking like this.  She was aiming for Elizabethan (they're studying history at school), but the effect is perfectly Victorian.  The dress we found in a 2nd hand shop, I suspect it was theatre costume, or maybe a first communion dress.  The petticoats are her grandmother's from the 50s (old underwear makes the best dressups). 

Yeah, blurry photo, but I like it.  The orange earrings belonged to my friend, Paola, who gave them to me sometime in the 80s. I hope that was a give not a loan, otherwise I've been a bit slack returning them! 

We had a terribly serious photo shoot until Miss Z farted.

And that was hilarious.

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  1. That first photo looks like an old-fashioned postcard! Lovely.