Friday, September 10, 2010

...and you'll never be blue.

Finished my Down Beat sweater, my first unadulterated grown up vintage knit.

Can't show you any more just yet because it's blocking.  I was thrilled to discover the pattern called for buttons on the yoke!  You don't really need them, the neck is wide enough for my head, but any excuse to raid the button tin.  I've chosen a mis-match of bluish plastic buttons that have a 60s feel.  I like 'em.

Not sure about the 60s fit yet - the arms are very baggy, the body dead straight.  Not entirely flattering, although maybe if I had a teenage figure....

The pattern has the yoke knitted as a piece and sewn on.  Yuck!  I picked up the stitches and knit it that way.  I guess they were writing for straight needles, and it would be mighty tricky to pick up and knit without a circular needle.

Can ya tell I've got my hair in bunches like the original model?

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