Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I've come to hate the Hourglass Sweater I knitted a while back.  It was always too big, but after a few washes it ended up way too short and wide.  So when my friend Sharon mentioned she was frogging hers, I was inspired! 

Is there anything more satisfying than unravelling knitwear?  I used to love doing this as a kid, I can wind a wicked ball.  Moon enjoyed it too, although things would have gone a lot quicker without his help.  Knitting and kittens don't really mix.  for the most part my Hourglass Sweater unravelled easily even after two years, but the armpits were felted beyond help and I had to cut them apart.

Look!  Legwarmers! Ha ha.

Give it a bath, this is not new virgin wool - seriously used and kinky! But such a pretty blue.

Tools of the trade.  I don't know how I ever lived without my swift and Singer wool winder, despite winding a pretty mean handball, I love these guys.

Ta da!  All done and good as new.  Now how shall I make it a-new? 

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