Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Indulgent Nostalgic Post #1

Once upon a time I was a glamorous young thing with chic hair jetsetting around the world....

Prosecco in Sciacca

Chianti and a puppy in Tuscany

Red velvet scarf in London. 
Bought at a London market and left it in a restaurant in Paris a week later.

We had a very cool car.  It usually looked like this. 
Fortunately convertables are very light and easy to push.

Even further back in the mists of time were the Molly Ringwald years when I won a trip to Sydney by working in Payless Shoes.

A very cute attempt to pass for a cleancut couple.
The matching clothes!  The body language! 
Ripped jeans and Dr Martin shoes, must be the early '90s.
We were so not these people!

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