Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Sailor's Hat to Match

A full pattern for this hat can be downloaded for free from the Ravelry Store:

Not wanting to waste an inch of Angie's beautifully dyed merino wool here's a hat to match Wendy Bernard's Sailor's Rib sweater (Interweave Knits Weekend 2009).  It took me three attempts to get a hat that fit out of the samll amount I had left - as you can see it is a snug fit - but used every last drop of wool.

If you want to do your own here's a rough guide, assuming you know how to knit a basic hat in the round.  If you don't, Google it ;-)

For the sailor's rib you need to cast on a mulitple of 5 sts.  I CO 75sts for this hat - with worsted weight yarn on 4mm circular needles I got a 4 repeats of the 5 st Sailor's Rib = 12cm/5".  I'd suggest 80-85sts for a larger child's hat, 90-95sts for an adult hat.  I did 2 purl rounds, then 3 full repeats of the rib, then rnds 1 & 2 of the rib followed by 2 purl rnds.  Knit desired depth (about 5" from CO for a child's hat), then form the crown by alternating knit rounds with decrease rounds k8, k2tg....; k7, k2tg.... etc.

Sailor's Rib in the round:
Rnds 1 & 2:  k1tbl, p1, k2, p1
Rnds 3 & 4:  k1tbl, p4

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