Monday, February 8, 2010

The miracle of sun, water and animal poo!

In the spring I cut down some shrubby trees, liberated a bunch of rocks from the wasteland over the fence, bought several bags of ZooDoo and built an extention to my pocket sized vege garden.  I planted corn, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots and potaotes.  After a month things looked like this (28/12/09):

Only five weeks later it looks like THIS! (6/2/09):

Corn, with cobs on!

Corn being arty:


The big little picture (with clothes line):

An indulgent check out my home town pic:

Beautiful scarlett runner beans.  This is the original mini-garden - the beans are several years old, they're perennial, plant these once and you're set for life.  Gee they're pretty.

Also in my original plot - more potatoes!  Like all good Kiwi kids I grew up with potatoes (and silverbeet) in the backyard, but this is my first go and growing potatoes myself on purpose (i.e., not by accident in the compost heap!)

I got impatient and dug one up today:

The rest were peanut sized.  Patience is a virtue.....  But look what I found lurking under the potato I dug up:

The only real flop has been the zucchini.  A wet, foggy summer does not make healthy zucchini.  The cool wet spring and summer has done wonders for everything else though, this plot is a real heat trap, and the weather has finally turned hot, so hopefully things will continue to ripen and thrive.  I haven't bought a lettuce or a bean or a tomato all year!

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