Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good lumbar support matters as a girl gets older.

I've been making cushion covers - nearly instant gratification for the craftily challenged.

Tivaevae, in tapa colours.

I found this glorious vintage cut out work in the Newtown St Vincent de Paul shop.  It is properly old, lovely faded cottons, all hand stitced.  I've somewhat inelegantly stuck it to a Spotlight cushion with iron-on bonding, and whipstiched (I'm crafty, honest) around the edges.  So much work went into making these beautiful flowers and leaves, I hope I'm doing it's maker justice by putting it to use, and on show.

The easiest cushions of all - the tamariki chose the panels at Nancy's Embroidery Shop, I found hopefully co-ordinating el-cheapo fat 1/4s at Spotlight.... ta da: instant cushions for  "you're the best mummy ever" grateful children.

Next time - crochet toilet roll covers and those poodles to go on your sherry bottle.  Yeah.....nah.  Would you like a kitten photo?  Of course you would:

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