Monday, December 20, 2010

First week of the school holidays...

Well, at least the farmers will be happy.  During a break in the rain the kids and I had celebratory end-of-year ice chocolates at our favourite out door cafe, the Greasy Spoon in Newtown.  You'll never guess why it's a favourite with the children, could it possibly be the actual real car you can play in? 

Ryan bought a Harry Potter wand from the Coin Save, the packet had pictures showing "Function" glowing lights and sound! Turns out the one Ryan bought was the model "without Function", but he's still pretty happy with his functionless plastic stick.

Christmas is coming as they say, so we've got a tree.  A real one of course, in spite of the sneezing.  I'm not entirely convinced about Ryan's addition of red tinsel, and look, it wasn't raining that evening.

And went to see Santa.  Santa was having some trouble with his padding, and had to keep a tight hold on it.  He must be miserable in all that Santa gear in this humidity, at least Kirk's has air conditioning.  The kids loved their windows this year :-)

Zoe's been reading Phillip Pullman lately, and it seems to have made a bit of an impression.  She wears that bag constantly, inside it she carries her alethiometer that came in a cereal packet.  She's been whispering to her daemon a fair bit as well.  How cool to be 9 and 3/4s and totally immersed in your imagination!

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