Thursday, July 22, 2010

something beginning with 'f"

F for finished!  Matariki take 2.  For Zoe, supposed to be size 8, but it looks biggish, depending on how it fits her I might make this the 10.  I love the variegated stars, they're a Tekapo colour called Landscape - lovely wintry colours.

And they match my photo here!

Suppose I should write up the pattern now, huh? 

Instead I cast on something pretty I've been meaning to knit for ages:

Lily, by the ever clever Marnie MacLean.

I'm using some more of that Bendigo Woollen Mills Harmony, in green this time.  I think it should work perfectly, being stretchy, wear-against-the-skin-able, and slightly textured.  I know it's going to suit me perfectly because the model has my hair, and I often wear floaty skirts with gumboots.  Actually I really do.

And finally two of my favourite things beginning with f:

frankie magazine and Fry's Turkish Delight chocolate bars.  Coffee's on the stove, gotta go....


  1. Love the blue. Love the green for your Lily. Love the skirt'n'gumbies look. And Turkish Delight...droooooool.

  2. mmmm turkish deliiiight....
    i love the varigated stars too. you're so clever.