Monday, July 19, 2010

Monster Cake

Kids are back at school today after two weeks of winter holiday - and of course the weather is lovely.  I'm really enjoying the warmth and fresh air after several weeks of chilly dampness.

So what did I do with my first day of peace?  Went to the supermarket of course (been avoiding it with the children in tow).  My local Pak n Save is in an area with a large and varied migrant population, I find it's meat section fascinating - today they had pigs heads, goat meat, hogget roasts, and ready-mixed pork and veal mince (for bolognese, I'm guessing).  Much more fun than lamb chops and steak.  ( I did buy some mince, but passed on the rest).

And then I spotted this guy:

Made my day!

On the subject of mohawks, My 6 year old has decided he wants one - not a wussy David Beckham one, but a full on technicoloured punk rock spikey one.  "Like a rock star".  Meanwhile my 9 year old tells me she belongs to the Justin Bieber Resistance. 

I love my children.


  1. Um yeah, pig's head - we haven't gone down the "head cheese" route at our place yet. Go the mohawk and resistance!