Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Uruguay, With Love

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My beloved has flown away to Uruguay. He really has - he's going to Beunos Aires too, lucky bugger.

I'm staying home to knit. Grandma's homespun Bella's Mittens - great for winter bonfire nights.

In my dreams he brings me wool - Manos, Malabrigo, 100 Pure (hang on isn't that an NZ tourism slogan?), but apparently you can't actually buy any of that in actual Uruguay, it all gets exported to richer nations.

Typi-bloody-cal global economics.


  1. hmm stink.. maybe he can smuggle you home a genuine sheep, and then sharon there can spin it up into trans-pacific luffliness?

  2. Good idea Nova - we're getting short on sheep in NZ ya know! He says he didn't buy me any beef from the airport in BA either.