Thursday, August 18, 2011

Out with the Old.

My real life friends know that we've bought a new house, conveniently just around the corner.  Not only are we moving within the same suburb, but we're not even leaving the neighbourhood!  The kids can walk the same way to and from school, they'll just get there a couple of minutes quicker :-).

More about the new house when we're moved in (it's bigger, on the flat and has lots of storage), but for today a few random things I'll miss about my home of the last ten years.

1. Pink tiled fireplace.  Who else has a pink fireplace?

2. Red in the kitchen.  I guess I can repeat that anywhere, but it goes so well with the white windows and cream tiles.  I'll miss my kitchen full stop - everything is in just the right place, I never really thought about it until I realised in our new kitchen the dishwasher is on the opposite side of the room from the sink, and the stove top at the far end of the room from the oven.  What were they thinking?

3.  Delusions of grandeur.  I love the way these modest little bungalows have quirky touches that really belong in a much bigger and flashier house.

4.  Modest Arts and Crafts detailing.  Just to contrast with the silly domed ceiling.  The builders were a little confused in 1926, throwing in a bit of this and a bit of that...

5. Morning glory vine? 

6.  The square bay windows that make me think of an Elizabethan ship.  I love lying on the sofa and looking out this window at the trees and the sky.

7.  The sunporch that makes me feel I'm at the beach even the midst of a winter storm.  And it's great for watching the waves in a storm!

8.  The view from my bedroom window.

9.  Wood panelling in the hall way.

10.  Original clawfoot bath.  This bath makes me rediculously happy.  It's 5'6" long inside - how convenient that I'm 5'5" long and can lie full length in it :-).  You can bath four kids in one go as well.

as you can see, a great house for someone obsessed with all things old and quirky.  But eventually the need for a bit of space, a built in wardrobe or two, some flat land for the kids to run around, a warm, well insulated home and other such practicalities over took the need for quirky style.  and luckily the place has its own fair share of quirkiness!


  1. I can understand that you'll miss those windows - they are beautiful! And with the bench and bookshelves it must have been a great reading space :)

    And it must have been so fun for you to have snow! I saw it on the news. But it's hard to imagine not ever having snow as we have it half the year ;)

  2. Hey, I found you on Ravelry while looking for the hat Felicity. Liked your beautiful knitting and know reading your blog I find it interesting. And so I found the comment above, from one of my blog-friends...Isn´t it a small world?!
    Since I write my blog in Swedish you probably will not understand it, but I live near the west coast in Sweden which I guess gives about the same climate as you in New Zeeland?