Tuesday, August 16, 2011

oops, I was wrong!

I think I said it never snows where I live.  Oops, I was wrong - seems it does snow once every 50 years or so, turns out I just hadn't lived long enough ;-)

Yesterday we had real, proper snow for over an hour, and then flurries on and off for the rest of the day. More is forecast for tonight! While Wellington does occasionally get a little snow in the higher hill suburbs, down at sea level where I live it's very, very rare.

The children were at school, but it sounds like they didn't spend much time in the classrooms.  Bet they were glad I made them wear their jackets and gloves.

A confession, before yesterday I'd only once in my life been in falling snow (and that was at age 34).  So when the flakes started falling thick and fast I was out there playing too, amazed and delighted.  Just like these people:

Snow on Cuba Mall in central Wellington (HD) from Ro Tierney on Vimeo.


Later in the day the weather deteriorated into a terrible storm with gales and thunder and hail and sleet and even more snow.  I think it might just be the spirit of the Antarctic come for Happy Feet - our very own chilly ET.

I'll leave you with a snowy cabbage tree, Dr Suess craziness as a friend commented:

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  1. Hey doppelganger, we put the same video on our blogs :)