Monday, April 18, 2011

Q. What do call 40 million sheep in the snow?

A: Winter in New Zealand! *

Winter seems to have arrived all in one go today.  No nice gradual slide through autumn, the leaves slowly turning russet and gold and drifting gently into rustling piles for small children to leap on (for more on leaves and small children check out my new favourite blog, Handmade by Mother).  Around here a southerly buster blows through and all the leaves come off in one day (not to mention quite a few branches and about 40 million pears at my place), and it all ends up in soggy heaps blocking everyone's drains and gutters.

So anyway, I woke up this morning to the sound of driving rain, and my first thought was .... goody, what jersey shall I wear?! :-)

On the subject of jerseys - a huge thanks to everyone who's bought my Matariki pattern, remember all proceeds from sales this month will be donated to the Red Cross to help out in Christchurch, Japan and around the world so why not buy it now and feel virtuous while making sure your children are warm and toasty this winter!  Check out some of the gorgeous sweaters other knitters have posted on Ravelry.  I'm so happy with all the fantastic colour combinations people are coming up with, and so proud that I've encouraged some to try fair isle knitting for the first time!


*how many sheep in New Zealand? 

p.s. a note for my non-Kiwi readers: these are not my sheep and I don't believe it's ever actually snowed in Island Bay.  Those sheep live in Waiouru which is up a mountain.  The rest of New Zealand is a tropical paradise, honest.

p.p.s. 41 South Weather at Island Bay  No, I don't understand all that either, but it looks cool.  Hopefully you won't click that link until next February when it will say 26C and sunny.

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