Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life in Wartime

Hopefully you can click on that and read the text.  It made me feel quite emotional: "gone for the duration".  I've been hanging out in the 1940s quite a bit lately.  The smaller size booklets, the ads full of apologies for shortages and "hard to find" products, the short, tight fashions with their hodge-podge of colours. 

I managed to find this supplement to the Lux Knitting Book 1941.  I don't actually have the 1941 book, 1940 and 1942, sure, but not '41.  Anyway, get knitting ladies - you can keep your man safe and lucky for the duration by knitting him lots and lots of socks!

And should his luck hold and he makes it home to you, the stork may well come a-visiting soon.  Then you might given a copy of this wee book by this rather terrifying looking woman.

Here's the book:

Personally I find these dolls a little creepy.

If you fancy something a little more modern you could try the Paragon Baby Book, no. 1.  not just knitteds, but Advice to Mothers too.

Ah yes, fantastic advice.  For the expectant mother :

"If you want to go to the pictures choose the lighter, gayer types and keep strictly away from thrillers, horror pictures and sad or morbid performances."

And for the new mother - fresh air, sunshine, vigorous washing and a strict schedule of feeding and sleep.  I'm pretty sure all that putting the baby outside for fresh air was directly related to the directive not to pick that howling baby up ;-)

I was intrigued by an ad for something called "Lactogol".  "If every young mother today would use Lactogol instead of putting their babies on the bottle as soon as they come home from the nursing home, there would be less illness amongst the babies - a breast fed baby comes on far better".  A quick Google and it turns out Lactogol was a linseed oil based preparation used for boosting milk supply and general good health for mothers and children.  Seems the health supplement industry's obsession with "good oils" is nothing new.

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