Friday, March 25, 2011

The 80s were awful.

Don't believe anyone who trys to tell you otherwise, the 80s were shocking.  I think this is the worst knitwear outfit I have ever seen, ever. Way worse than anything the 70s came up with, like these posted here.  This is just all wrong in so many ways!

Also her hair is a crime.  If you are young, and are thinking the 80s were pretty cool you are wrong.  It was pastels and big shoulders and bigger hair and bad, bad, bad knitwear.  On the plus side it was a great time to be a teenager because it was really easy to dress anti-fashion :-)  I used to wear 50s and 60s opshop dresses and penny loafers.  I thought I was way cool.  My mum thought I was insane.

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