Thursday, August 19, 2010

Winter Knitting

I got it in my head to do the Ravelry IntSewMoDo again.  That's International Sweater a Month Do-something, i.e., 2 sweaters in a year.  Last year I got to 11.  This year I've done 5, working on 6 and 7 now.  I might get there, if I do a few quick and easy numbers, and stop playing around with designs for the kids (sweaters for 9 year olds should count - they take pretty much as long as sweaters for grown ups!).

What I'm going to do with potentially 23 sweaters I don't know - but that not the point is it?

Here are my winter efforts:

Goodale by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  Viral knit du jour on Ravelry, but there's usually a reason these things go viral - they are so NICE!


Mine is done in some handspun from my stash of greasy old sheep's wool.  I think this is Corriedale - whatever it is it is lovely.


My dress is by De Vol Clothing who make the most glorious 50s inspired clothes.  I bought it at Frutti in Cuba Street here in Wellington - one of my favourite shops, I always find something to love in there...

Moorland Folded Cowl Pullover from Classic Elite Yarns.  I'm in love with CEY at the moment, love the styling, love the back page ads on my knitting magazines ;-)  Unusually for me I've used the recommended yarn, even in the sample colour - shock, horror!  Love this, even though I practically knit it twice due to being a moron (gauge issues).

Here I am modelling it, unblocked and before I re-did the cowl, in my pjs.  Just for Nikki!


Better get onto my spring knits, huh?  Keep getting distracted by Angry Birds on the iPad - darn those evil pigs.

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  1. Yusssssssss! And a one handed self portrait too - my other go-to photography technique. Brilliant.

    Love the Goodale and De Vol Clothing... omigoodness amazing.

    Looking good Sarah!